Aca World Sound Festival 2020
March 3, 2019
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FULLSEN was born with the goal of ​​becoming the # 1 brand of condoms.

FullSen is the only sexual health products brand in Mexico that is German manufactured guaranteeing the highest quality of its products. Many agencies were called to pitch ideas for the creation of the brand, from the name to the entire digital and traditional marketing strategy. Starting in late 2018, I have been part of this great project, which has had great results in the world of condom manufacturing.

FULLSEN debuted with great impact in the Mexican market with an extensive mix of sexual health products, they also worked very hard in the production of entertainment events, a calendar with top models and a TV series to promote the brand to the masses. I have been part of this project throughout the post production and the graphic and motion design of all event and product promotion materials.

FULLSEN is a sexual health brand with an extensive range of products. I was also part of the brand's integration into the product packaging.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive website was created to give presence to the FullSen brand on the web. I am also collaborating with the Fullsen digital marketing team to provide them with media and design materials for online promotions.