January 3, 2020
March 3, 2018

Created in 1999, the Aca World Sound Festival is the most famous electronic music festival brand in Mexico. The first Aca Sound Fest took place in the year 2000 lasting for 3 days, where multiple events took place, including a main beach festival and night club parties all over Acapulco. Over 70,000 people assisted the first edition of the festival and a second edition took place in 2002 that reached over 80,000 attendants.

At the end of 2018 the owner of the brand decided to bring back the Aca Fest, and that's where my collaboration begins by mastering the logo of the Aca World Sound Festival 2020. From that point forward, large projects developed with the FullSen brand, which is The official sponsor of the Aca World Sound Festival.

At the beginning of 2019 the return of the ACA2020 was announced and a series of pre-festival events took place around Mexico, which will culminate with the Aca World Sound Festival in Acapulco on November 2020. I have been supporting the Aca Fest Brand with endless audio & visual content including: flyers, posters, caps, shirts, digital animation and video editing.

SEO Optimized Responsive Website

An SEO Optimized website was created to become the central hub of all digital marketing efforts aimed to promote the events and sell tickets. The website reached over 40,000 monthly visitors and has influenced the purchase of over 10,000 events tickets.