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March 3, 2017
January 3, 2016
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ChairVisor is the maker of luxury sunshades, providing UV protection for the user and solar power to allow easy charging of smart devices. The goal is to improve guests’ poolside experiences while providing leisure enterprises a competitive edge. Increase your business’s revenue while converting simple relaxation into profits.

ChairVisor was my very first real life project right after graduating from SDSU. I helped the ChairVisor inventor, David Acosta, create a brand identity, website and many promotional materials. David participated in many entrepreneur and inventor fund raising programs such as Shark Tank and Indiegogo. I helped ChairVisor with all promotional materials, such as stationary, website, promo videos, invitations and more.

SEO Optimized Responsive Website is a custom built website where we had several photo shots to bring to life the idea of ChairVisor The Sun Lover's Shield. In addition, we ranked the site for several relevant search terms that results in inquieres for the product. ChairVisor never made it to market, but it was a great first experience.